Meet the Staff & Job Opportunities

Meet the AIDS Walk New York Staff and Interns

Passionate and driven both in the fight against HIV/AIDS and the world of mega-event planning, the AIDS Walk staff is hard at work to bring you an incredible 29th annual AIDS Walk New York. Are you interested in walking, volunteering, fundraising, or donating a product or service? Contact one of these friendly faces today at 212.807.9255 (WALK). This energetic team is happy to assist you!

Let us introduce ourselves: Click here to meet our team!

AIDS Walk New York Staff: 

Kate Rosenblum, Event Director

Andi Dubé, Promotions Coordinator 

Inbar Sharon, Supervisor of Teams & Targeted Fundraising

Patrick Link, Assistant Supervisor of Teams & Targeted Fundraising

Jesus Baquiax, Team Coordinator & Fundraising Specialist

Sarah Clark, Team Coordinator & Fundraising Specialist

Christina Ferro, Team Coordinator & Fundraising Specialist

Aliah O'Neill, Team Coordinator & Fundraising Specialist 

Tanay Tatum, Team Coordinator & Fundraising Specialist

Allison Holstein, Production Coordinator & Fundraising Specialist 

Arianne Cintula, Star Walker Coordinator & Fundraising Specialist

Sonya Elise Roberts, Supervisor of Event Operations

 Isaiah Ford, Logistics Coordinator

Anna McKinnon, Volunteer Coordinator

Chris Pesto, Community Outreach Coordinator

Thom Medrano, Supervisor of Office Management & Community Partnership Specialist  

Caitlin Vogt, Office Coordinator

Kiersten Kampschroeder, IT & Social Media Specialist


Thank you to our outstanding interns... We couldn’t do this without you!

Edwin Acosta, Teams & Targeted Fundraising Intern

Isabelle Syrek, Office Management Intern 

Ernandine Sutarjadi, Volunteer Intern

Danielle Cifelli, Star Walker Intern

Ricquel Coleman, Teams & Targeted Fundraising Intern

Jamie Novak, Event Operations Intern