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Message from AIDS Walk Founder: The Fight Remains Urgent

  By Craig R. Miller                                                     ... More
Nov 3, 2014

Robin Williams, Dedicated HIV/AIDS Advocate

We remember Robin Williams not only for his vital contributions to the world as an artist, but also as an activist, which included compassionate support of the fight against AIDS. He is pictured here with AIDS Walk Founder,... More
Aug 13, 2014

Congratulations Gold Teams and Club 30 Walkers for 2015!

Thank you to everyone who made one final push to fundraise up to our extended June 18 deadline! Your vital support for GMHC and more than 40 other tri-state AIDS service organizations is life-changing for many thousands of... More
Jun 26, 2014

Team NoH8 at AIDS Walk New York 2014

Go team! More
Jun 26, 2014

Fundraising deadline extended to Wednesday, June 18!

It is critical that we collect all pledges so that GMHC can continue to provide life-saving care for those most in need.  That’s right, now you have even more time to fundraise for AIDS Walk New York! ... More
Jun 16, 2014

Leading the Way with CHAMP

AIDS Walk New York has a strong tradition of cultivating youth leadership in the fight against AIDS by helping students build teams among schools, clubs, and other groups. A key goal of this year’s event was to expand even... More
Jun 13, 2014

Contests Galore: Post-Walk Fundraising Heats Up!

Now is the time for your final push to secure more donations. Of course we want to reward you for your hard work, so check out the contests below! WIN A PURE YOGA PRIVATE SESSION OR A KIEH’S DELUXE GIFT BASKET FOR YOUR TEAM... More
Jun 2, 2014

Get your certificate!

Walkers - download your AIDS Walk New York Certificate of CompletionVolunteers - download your Volunteer Certificate of Appreciation More
May 19, 2014


PRESS RELEASE – RESULTSFor Immediate Release Contacts:Krishna StoneGMHC646.280.5948krishnas@gmhc.orgBen FordhamAIDS Walk New  AIDS WALK NEW YORK RAISES $5.1 MILLION AS MAYOR DE BLASIO... More
May 18, 2014

We did it!

Today, a united community, 30,000 strong, filled the streets to take vital steps toward a future without HIV/AIDS. Thank you for being a part of this year’s awe-inspiring AIDS Walk New York.Check out photos and video... More
May 18, 2014