Who Benefits

Who Benefits

AIDS Walk New York benefits GMHC and more than
40 AIDS service organizations throughout the tri state area


GMHC is the world’s first and leading provider of HIV/AIDS prevention, care and advocacy. Building on decades of dedication and expertise, we understand the reality of HIV/AIDS and empower a healthy life for all.

Mission Statement: GMHC fights to end the AIDS epidemic and uplift the lives of all affected.

What GMHC Believes

  • With the right information, care and support, it is possible to live a healthy, fulfilling life.
  • When people feel a sense of community, are empowered with pride and armed with information, they’re able to model healthy behaviors, build relationships and experience hope.
  • To end the AIDS epidemic, we need comprehensive solutions that promote education, increase awareness, improve care, reduce stigma, elevate policy and build strong, supportive communities.

How GMHC Makes a Difference

  • Answers that give hope: Whether it’s getting tested, living with HIV/AIDS, succeeding at home and work or elevating our voice for policy change, we provide answers that give hope.  
  • Care that promotes health: We understand the root causes of the disease and take a holistic approach to care — from medical treatment and counseling to legal services and job placement — that promotes total well-being for your whole life.  
  • We help you develop meaningful relationships within the GMHC community, receive support and give back to others along the way, so you feel a sense of confidence and pride that empowers your life on your terms.  


In 1981, six gay men (and their friends) gathered in writer Larry Kramer’s living room to address the “gay cancer” and raise money for research.  This informal meeting provided the foundation for what would soon become Gay Men’s Health Crisis. In 1982, an answering machine in the home of volunteer Rodger McFarlane acted as the first AIDS hotline — receiving over 100 calls the first night. Today, GMHC continues to pioneer HIV prevention, care and advocacy.

Fight AIDS. Love Life.

One Walk: Dozens of Benefiting Organizations 

Participating Community Partnership teams for 2014

African Services Committee
Established in 1981, African Services Committee is the only peer provider of HIV/AIDS services for the African immigrant community in New York City. They are a community-based organization dedicated to improving the health and self sufficiency of the African community.

Afrika Tikkun
Afrika Tikkun is a NGO that delivers education, health and social services to children, youth and their families in South African townships.Operating from Community Centres of Excellence in Gauteng and the Western Cape, their vision of creating a sustainable future for children is South African townships is supported by strategic partnerships within the public and private sector.

(212) 337-8043
AID for AIDS is committed to improving the quality of life of people living with HIV/AIDS in Latin America and the Caribbean. They empower those communities and their caregivers by providing access to medications, medical monitoring, and treatment/prevention education, promoting leadership and capacity building.

AIDS Resource Foundation for Children/St. Clare's Home    
(973) 643-0400
AIDS Resource Foundation for Children/St. Clare's Home is a private nonprofit organization created to meet the needs of families and children living with HIV/AIDS.

AIDS Service Center of New York City

AIDS Service Center NYC (ASC) is a multiservice community organization that carries out its mission of “helping many, one by one” by building community, connection and stability for New Yorkers living with and at risk for HIV/AIDS.

American Run For the End of AIDS
(212) 580-7668

American Run For the End of AIDS
American Run For the End of AIDS is an all-volunteer AIDS awareness, advocacy, and education organization working at the grassroots level of AIDS activism in an urban environment. Its mission is to provide a message of concern, compassion, and commitment to working together for an end of AIDS-a message of hope that ordinary people can make extraordinary differences.

Birch Family Camp
(888) 216-2028
Established in 1989, Birch Family Camp is a residential camp designed to provide sanctuary for adult caregivers and their children living with HIV/AIDS. Two one-week camp sessions provide family-strengthening respite, recreation, and emotional support for families in a country setting.

Camp Viva
Camp Viva 
Camp Viva is a unique year-round program for children and families in Westchester County infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. 

(802) 258-2440
CHABHA raises funds for grassroots projects in Rwanda and Burundi that care for orphans and other children affected by HIV/AIDS.

Diaspora Community Services
(718) 399-0360
Diaspora Spirit is a social support agency that empowers families and individuals to maximize their abilities to succeed through culturally sensitive health promotion, family support services, and advocacy.

Episcopal Response to AIDS
Episcopal Response to AIDS is an independent 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to support, foster and financially enable HIV/AIDS ministries affiliated with Episcopal faith communities in the Greater New York area. 

Food First Inc.
(718) 624-1950

Food First was established in order to provide for marginalized groups and individuals struggling with economic uncertainty and chronic illness. The organization provides affordable housing, supportive services, food and nutrition programs throughout New York City and abroad.

Friends House In Rosehill
(212) 995-5000
Friends House In Rosehill is a Quaker-sponsored housing facility for homeless people living with AIDS. They provide safe, affordable housing and a wide range of supportive services for a culturally and spiritually diverse community of men and women.

Friends In Deed
(212) 925-2009
Friends In Deed provides pragmatic emotional and spiritual support for all those affected by life-threatening illness, care-giving, and grief.

God's Love We Deliver
(212) 294-8100
God's Love We Deliver seeks to improve the health and well-being of people living with HIV/AIDS, and other serious illnesses who are unable to prepare meals for themselves, by providing and delivering high-quality, healthy meals and nutritional counseling.

Hispanic AIDS Forum
(212) 563-4500
Established in 1985, Hispanic AIDS Forum is the oldest Latino-run AIDS organization in New York City offering treatment education and innovative prevention services to the City's Latino population. Their mission is to reduce HIV transmission and secure timely and quality support services for Latinos affected by HIV/AIDS.

Hudson Pride Connections Center
(201) 963-4779
Hudson Pride Connections Center provides social service support to improve the quality of life of Hudson County residents who are living with HIV/AIDS by providing support and advocacy for adults and teens that self identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Hyacinth AIDS Foundation
(732) 246-0204
The six regional offices of the Hyacinth AIDS Foundation helped over 20,000 people affected by HIV and AIDS in New Jersey with life sustaining services, including case management, legal services, housing, and financial assistance. Hyacinth also provides education, prevention, and training to thousands of New Jerseyans each year. The only organization dedicated to preserving and advancing the rights of people living with HIV in New Jersey, Hyacinth's Public Policy department is actively engaged at State and Federal levels to ensure adequate funding, to fight for fair and responsible public policies, and to represent the HIV/AIDS Community within the broader health care community.

International AIDS Prevention Initiative
(212) 226-2292
International AIDS Prevention Initiative, formerly The NAMES Project New York City, Inc., utilizes the International AIDS Memorial Quilt to offer unique HIV/AIDS awareness, education, and prevention programs in New York City and throughout the world.

Iris House
(646) 548-0100
Iris House is the country's first community based organization whose services are designed specifically to meet the needs of women of color with HIV/AIDS and their families.

Keep a Child Alive
(718) 965-1111
Keep a Child Alive is dedicated to providing life-saving anti-retroviral treatment to children with HIV/AIDS and their families in Africa and the developing world by directly engaging the global public in the fight against AIDS.

Latinos D/Latino Commission on AIDS
(212) 675-3288 
The Latino Commission on AIDS is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to fighting the spread of HIV/AIDS in the Latino community . The Commission realizes its mission by spearheading health advocacy for Latinos, promoting HIV education, developing model prevention programs for high-risk communities, and by building capacity in community organizations.  

Liberation in Truth Unity Fellowship
(973) 424-9555
Liberation in Truth Unity Fellowship provides HIV/AIDS prevention, care, and referral services to underserved high risk populations.

LIFEbeat– Music Fights HIV
(212) 459-2590
LIFEBEAT - The Music Industry Fights AIDS is a resource and awareness organization dedicated to mobilizing the talent of the music industry in order to provide grants to community-based HIV/AIDS service organizations; empower members of the music industry living with HIV/AIDS by offering access to information, services and financial assistance; and provide live musical performances to people with HIV/AIDS in Manhattan.

Mixteca Organization, Inc.
(718) 965-4795
Mixteca Organization, Inc. works in HIV/AIDS outreach and prevention with programs that address a host of critical health, social, legal, and educational needs that face the burgeoning Mexican and Central American immigrant community in Brooklyn.

(212) 564-3282
SMART Inc. was founded to provide treatment education and support for all women living with HIV/AIDS in order to increase their self-confidence and self-esteem, help restore control in their lives, and enable them to become informed participants in their treatment decision-making process.

Subayo Foundation for Women & Children
(212) 222-5730
Subayo Foundation for Women & Children seeks to empower the women of the countries of Ghana and Zambia through business education and training, literacy programs, and AIDS and prenatal health education. Their work is designed to complement the work of community organizations, government ministries, and development agencies that aim to improve the standards of living in the communities as a whole.

TOUCH-Together Our Unity Can Heal Inc.
TOUCH's Nutrition program "Eating Well" has become one of the most comprehensive nutrition programs in the Hudson Valley. The Eating Well Program allows people living with HIV disease and other chronic illness the ability to access their Nutrition Program which is instrumental in improving the overall health of people in need.

Ubuntu Education Fund
(646) 827-1190
Ubuntu Education Fund encourages the development of "global citizenship" among metropolitan New York City students through involvement in global AIDS awareness and education projects in their global communities.