Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Q: Where does the money go?
 In 2014, AIDS Walk San Francisco will benefit Project Inform and dozens of other 
Bay Area AIDS service organizations that work to stop new infections and support people living with HIV/AIDS.

Q: Is there a minimum I should raise for AIDS Walk San Francisco?
 AIDS Walk San Francisco does not require walkers to raise a minimum amount of money. However, we encourage everyone to set a fundraising goal and do their best to achieve it. Additionally, fundraising walkers for AIDS Walk San Francisco are eligible for several Fundraising Awards. 

Q: What is a Team?
 Teams are comprised of walkers representing a variety of companies, schools, religious institutions, or organizations in the Bay Area. There are also many friends and family teams that participate, some of whom walk in memory of those they have lost, or to support friends and family living with HIV/AIDS. Teams can range in size from two to more than 500 walkers. 

Event Information

Q: When is AIDS Walk San Francisco?
 Mark your calendar for Sunday, July 20, 2014!

Q: What is the schedule for the day of AIDS Walk San Francisco?

9 a.m.           Sign-In and Awards Open
9:30 a.m.       Aerobic Warm-Up
9:45 a.m.       Opening Ceremony
10:30 a.m.     AIDS Walk San Francisco Begins!
12 p.m.          KidZone Opens
12:30 p.m.     Post Walk Concert

Q: How long is the walk?
 It is 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) and takes roughly 2 to 3 hours to complete.


Q: To whom should donations be made out?  
 Please make checks payable to “AIDS Walk San Francisco” or “AWSF.” 

Q: Where do I mail donations?

AIDS Walk San Francisco
P.O. Box 193920
San Francisco, CA 94119

Please note: clearly write the name of the person you are sponsoring on the check or on a separate piece of paper; otherwise, your contribution could be credited as a general donation. 

Q: I have seen public fundraising for AIDS Walk San Francisco on the street. Should I donate to someone I do not know who is collecting donations on the street, in public spaces, or even door-to-door?
 No. We strongly discourage our participants from collecting donations in public spaces such as street corners, public transportation, street festivals, and door-to-door from businesses. We advise you not to give donations (cash, checks, or credit card information) to someone you do not know who is soliciting donations in these settings. Please contact the AIDS Walk San Francisco office for more information, or if you feel someone is collecting funds in an unsafe or unendorsed manner.


Q: How do I register for AIDS Walk San Francisco 2014 online?
Click on Register Now and complete the form. You will be guided through the registration process. Once your registration is complete, you will receive a confirmation email from This email will contain your username and password that you have selected. If you register by phone, mail, or fax and provide us with an email address, you will receive a system-generated username and password via email. Please use this to access your personal fundraising web page. Once logged in you can create your own username and password, as well as design your page.

Q: Should Walkers user their home or work address to register?
 All walkers should register using their home address. If you must use your office address, make sure you put your company name, as often times the Post Office will return mail sent to an individual at a business address. Providing more than one address will result in a duplicate registration.

Q: What is the Star Walkers Club™?
 The Star Walkers Club is made up of walkers who set a goal of raising $1,000 or more for AIDS Walk San Francisco. Star Walkers who achieve their goal will receive additional incentive prizes and a Star Walker Pass on the day of the AIDS Walk. With the Star Walker Pass, Star Walkers will be granted access to the Star Walker Breakfast.

Q: What is the Green Walker™ Program?
 The Green Walker program saves paper and postage, which means more of the money you raise will go to the programs and services of our benefiting organizations. Being a Green Walker is easy! Find out how here.

Q: What is a Virtual Walker?
 A Virtual Walker is someone that is unable to physically be at the event, but would still like to register and fundraise with us – we welcome everyone! On the day of the event, you may choose to wear a red ribbon to show that you stand with the AIDS Walk San Francisco community. Do you have a group of people that would like to fundraise for the AIDS Walk, but cannot make it to the event? Consider forming a Virtual Team! 


Q: What should I do to start raising funds for AIDS Walk San Francisco?
 A few simple suggestions to get started with your fundraising can be found below.  Click here for more fundraising ideas, or contact the AIDS Walk San Francisco office at 415.615.9255 (WALK).

• Set up your team or individual fundraising web page. Then send out an email to friends, family members, and co-workers. Each email sent from your web page contains a link to sponsor you online with a credit card. Click here to learn more (coming soon!).

Matching gift programs. Many companies have programs that match the contributions their employees give to a charitable organization. By utilizing the matching gift programs of your employer or your family and friends' employers, you can quickly double or triple your fundraising dollars. Ask your human resources representative about your employer's corporate giving policies and whether they have a matching gift program. 

Host a fundraising party. Ask a local bar or restaurant to donate their space for a happy hour or fundraising dinner party. Charge a flat admission or suggest a donation. Plan a raffle, contest, or drink special to make the night exciting! For more fundraising event ideas, click here (coming soon!).

Awards, premiums, and incentives! Give your Team Members an incentive to sign up, raise money, and walk. Ask a local merchant to contribute to your team by providing an incentive prize or two. Reward the Team Member who raises the most money for AIDS Walk San Francisco. 

Q: How else can I support AIDS Walk San Francisco?
 There are many opportunities for your team to get involved in AIDS Walk San Francisco, such as by becoming a corporate sponsor, making an in kind donation, or volunteering. If you would like to find out more about any or all of these options, please contact the AIDS Walk San Francisco office at 415.615.9255 (WALK).

Website and Online Fundraising

Q: I forgot my username and password. How can I find out what they are?
 Remember that your username and password are case-sensitive. Click on the “Forgot Username and/or Password?” link and enter your email address. You will receive an email with your username and a link to reset your password from You will need to click on this link to update your password. Please email for further assistance.

Q: What is Kintera?
 Kintera is an online service provider used by AIDS Walk San Francisco that offers Internet fundraising solutions to charitable organizations. Their online tools allow you to register for the event, collect donations from family and friends, and more. 

Q: Why is there a $25 minimum for all online credit card donations?
 Due to credit card processing fees that we are charged by credit card companies, we require a minimum transaction amount for online credit card transactions. If you wish to use your credit card for less than $25, simply fill out your credit card information on the bottom of your Sponsor Form (coming soon!) in the credit card section. If a sponsor wants to donate less than $25, ask a few sponsors to combine their donations, and one person can deposit those donations into their bank account, and use his or her credit or debit card to donate online. Each donor’s name can be listed in the donation text on the web page. If that is not possible, checks and money orders in any amount are always greatly appreciated! You can mail those to us, and make sure that the walker's name is on the check, so we know who gets the credit. Everything helps and we have many alternatives for you to contribute, so don't let the credit card minimum discourage you.  If you have additional questions or need help please call our office at 415.615.9255 (WALK).

Q: How can friends and family find my individual fundraising web page to make a donation?
 When you send an email from your Fundraising HQ, the link to your individual fundraising web page will automatically be included in the bottom of the email. Also, on the home page of the website, friends and family can locate a participant by typing in the first and last name of the participant in the lower right-hand fields (next to “Sponsor a Walker”). Upon clicking “Go,” they will be directed to the participant's individual fundraising web page.

Q: Why is the “Sponsor a Walker” search not finding a participant that I know has registered?
 While they are not case sensitive, you must type in the exact spelling of the first or last name of the person you are looking for. If you continue to have a problem locating a participant that you are sure has registered, please contact us at or call 415.615.9255 (WALK).

Q: How can I see who has donated to me?
 Go to the My Fundraising HQ link on the site. Enter your username and password. Click here if you do not know your login information.  You can then view your donation report to see who has donated to you and the amounts they have donated by clicking on the “Reports” tab at the top of the web page.

Q: Why aren’t the cash and check contributions I’ve raised showing up on my personal fundraising web page?
 While credit card donations made through the website will automatically appear on a walker’s personal web page, cash and check donations, or offlinedonations, require walkers to update their fundraising web pages by logging in and choosing the “Enter Offline Donations” option in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Q: All of my donors are not showing up on the scroll mechanism. Why?
 As your donors make a contribution, they have the option of whether or not they want to appear in the recognition scroll.

Q: Is my information secure?
 Yes. Kintera has made every effort to protect your information. We use industry-standard SSL encryption techniques to make sure that your credit card information, passwords, and personal information travel securely over the Internet. We have also installed an encryption engine on our database server so that your data is securely stored.

Q: Will Kintera put my name on various mailing lists?
 Kintera, Inc. collects and maintains only personal information that is voluntarily submitted to us. We will only share personally identifiable information with a third party if and when the individual submitting this information has permitted us to do so, or if we are required to do so by law. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy. AIDS Walk San Francisco will also retain a copy of your information.

Q: What are the system requirements for making an online donation?
 For best donation transaction navigation, we recommend using Internet Explorer. You can download the latest version by following this link.

Q: Why aren’t drop-down menus and other elements of the website working properly for me?
 If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer, you can download the latest version of Internet Explorer 10 here for the best browsing experience on our site.

Q: Does AIDS Walk San Francisco have an app to fundraise for my smart phone?
 Yes! We now have an easy-to-use mobile app that allows you to sync your contacts to either text, email, or manually take donations, edit your webpage, and thank your donors. Click here to find out how to download for Android or iOS.

Q: Does AIDS Walk San Francisco have an app to fundraise through Facebook?
 Yes! Log in to your Fundraising HQ and click on the "Fundraise with Facebook" link at the bottom right-hand side of the page. Then you can get the word out with status updates, informing your friends of your participation and fundraising progress. You can even set up automatic status updates.

Team Questions

Q: What are a Team Leader’s responsibilities?
 A Team Leader's role is to recruit, inspire, and motivate people to register as well as raise funds. In order to promote team participation, a Team Leader's first task is to distribute materials to all potential walkers as quickly as possible. After walkers begin to register, following up is the key to fundraising success. Click here to download a Team Leader Kit for more information (coming soon!).

Q: What are Gold Teams?
Gold Teams are the top 20 fundraising teams, announced annually. In recognition of their outstanding efforts, Gold Teams enjoy several perks, including their own exclusive meeting area on the day of the event, an exclusive Sign-In Area, and a professional team photo.

Q: What is a Team Meeting Station?
 A Team Meeting Station is a designated area for Team Members to meet up on the day of AIDS Walk San Francisco. Team Meeting Stations are arranged alphabetically in Sharon Meadow. Many Team Leaders decorate their Meeting Stations with balloons and banners, in addition to bringing T-shirts and breakfast items for their team. To qualify for a Team Meeting Station on the day of the AIDS Walk, your team must have 25 or more walkers pre-registered by the deadline of Wednesday, July 9 at noon. A list of teams that qualify for a Team Meeting Station will be posted online the week of July 14. Teams who do not qualify for a Team Meeting Station can arrange their own location to meet on the morning of the AIDS Walk. Click here to download the AIDS Walk Venue Map (Coming soon!) for ideas on where to meet with your team.

Q: How do I get an updated Team Roster?
 Team Rosters are always available on your team web page. Click here to see the list of 2014 Registered Teams. Click on your team name to view your team's web page and see the list of people currently registered on your team. You may also call your Team Coordinator to request a Team Roster at any time.

Q: How can I promote AIDS Walk San Francisco to potential Team Members?
 We suggest doing one or all of the following:

• Click here to download and print additional tools.

• Set up your team web page and send out an email to recruit Team Members. Remember, anyone can join your team.

• Ask family and friends, or invite vendors, clients, and customers to raise money and walk with your team.

• Put up the cardboard display stands and posters (provided by AIDS Walk San Francisco) in cafeterias, near elevators, on community bulletin boards, etc. Click here to find out how to request promotional materials for your team.

• Form an AIDS Walk San Francisco committee. Encourage some co-workers to become Co-Leaders. Ask senior management to write an appeal to all employees urging them to register.

• Hold an AIDS Awareness Day with a kick-off luncheon or brunch. Sign up Team Members at a registration table. An AIDS Walk representative can attend your event and help make it a success! Click here for tabling tips.

Q: If someone registered for the AIDS Walk as an individual, can they still join a team?
 Pre-registered walkers can still be part of your team. Simply call the AIDS Walk office at 415.615.9255 (WALK) with the walker's name, address, phone number, and email address (if available) and ask to have them transferred onto your team.

Q: What if someone wants to join a team after the deadline?
 Walkers may still become part of a team after the pre-registration deadline of Wednesday, July 9. However, if you qualified for a Team Meeting Station, they will not appear on the Team Roster you will find at your assigned table on the day of the AIDS Walk. Walkers may transfer to a team using the Team Transfer Sheets at the Team Meeting Station or at the Team Information Booth on the day of the AIDS Walk, Sunday, July 20. Write their name, address, phone number, and email address in the appropriate fields on the Team Transfer Form and leave it with an AIDS Walk representative at Team Information. You can also call the AIDS Walk office at 415.615.9255 (WALK) to notify us of any additional people that need to be listed on your team. In the weeks following the AIDS Walk, Team Rosters will be updated with new walker names and contributions. A final list will be emailed to all Team Leaders in August.