Frequently Asked Questions

Post-Event Details

Q: Some of my donations can't be made until after July 20, does this mean I can't or shouldn't give?
A: Although AIDS Walk San Francisco is on Sunday, July 20, the last day to turn in any donations is at 5:00 P.M. on Friday, August 15th. Let your Team Coordinator know so that we can make sure we credit you!

Q: I was unable to attend AIDS Walk San Francisco. Can I still submit donations? If so, how, where, and until when?
A: Yes; Checks can be made out to AIDS Walk San Francisco and mailed to P.O. Box 193920, San Francisco, CA 94119 or dropped off at the AIDS Walk San Francisco office located at 273 9th Street, San Francisco by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, August 15th. You can also donate online at
Please be sure to indicate who you'd like to credit/sponsor with your donation in the memo of your check.

Q: Some of my donors sent in donations directly to the AIDS Walk San Francisco office. Can I get a list of people who sent checks in to sponsor me?
A: We encourage you to ask your donors to send checks to you, so that you can record the donations on your Sponsor Form. You will then send donations to the AIDS Walk San Francisco office yourself, clearly marked with your name so they can be credited to your fundraising total. However, if checks are sent directly to the AIDS Walk San Francisco office to sponsor you, we do keep a record of the name of the donor, the dollar amount, and date the donation was received. Please call us to request that information.

Q: I sponsored a walker online and it is not showing up on their page. What happened?
A: If the donation has cleared from your credit card then you may have accidentally made the donation under the General Donation Fund instead of a specific walker. Check your confirmation email; under your contribution amount you will see either the name of the walker that you attempted to sponsor or you will see "AIDS San Francisco." If you see "AIDS Walk New York," then the donation was made to the General Donation Fund and you can email or call us at or 415.644.9255 (WALK) so that we can transfer the donation to the walker that you would like to sponsor.

Q: AIDS Walk is over and we had a lot of fun, but when do we find out how we ranked?
A: Final team rankings, rosters, and the announcement of the 2015 Gold Teams will be posted on the week of August 25 here on the AIDS Walk San Francisco website.

Q: The total I see for myself or my Team Members on the Team Roster I received via email is not correct. What happened?
A: See above regarding credit card donations accidentally made as a general donation. Another reason for the discrepancy may be that sometimes when a donor sends in a check to the AIDS Walk San Francisco office, they do not designate whom they would like to sponsor. When this happens we allocate their donation to our General AIDS San Francisco Fund. Please call the AIDS Walk San Francisco office at 415.644.9255 (WALK) and we will do our very best to match your records with the donations we have received in our office for you.

Q: I am a benefiting organization of AIDS Walk, when will receive our totals?
A: (Coming Soon!)

Q: I'm waiting for a matching gift from my supporting company/employer, when will it be reflected onto our fundraising total?
A: (Coming Soon!)

Q: I didn't get a chance to grab my incentive awards, can I still receive them?
A: You may pick up your incentive awards at our office at 273 9th Street, San Francisco starting July 28 between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 6 p.m. or by appointment.

Q: I lost something at AIDS Walk San Francisco, is there a Lost & Found?
A: Call the AIDS Walk San Francisco office at 415.615.WALK to speak with a Staff Member.

Q: Where can I find pictures taken at AIDS Walk San Francisco 2014? What about Gold Team Photos?
A: Pictures taken on the day of AIDS Walk can be found on SmugMug.

Q: How do I give feedback for AIDS Walk San Francisco 2014?
Take the AIDS Walk San Francisco 2014 Feedback Survey.

Q: How do I sign up AIDS Walk 2015?
A: We will contact you next year, but feel free to let your team coordinator know that you are interested in joining us again and we can register you for 2015 automatically. Otherwise, feel free to check back in December when our website is updated for the 2015 year.

Q: How can my company become a sponsor of or donate products to AIDS Walk San Francisco 2015?
A: Click here to read more about joining our family of corporate sponsors. You may also contact our Director of Major Sponsorship, Shona Borevitz, for more information: