Since 1985, Project Inform has been highly respected for helping to speed safe and effective medications to market to treat HIV infection, for educating hundreds of thousands of HIV-positive individuals and caregivers about HIV care and treatment, and for helping to assure that government adequately funds quality health care programs serving HIV-positive people. The agency has been led by effective and independent advocates commanding the knowledge and skill required to compel sometimes reluctant institutions to fully address the needs of people living with HIV.  In the process, Project Inform has developed cooperative relationships with government, industry and academic leaders to help assure our role in ending the epidemic.

Today, Project Inform pursues a strategic set of programs that, combined together, provide a blueprint for ending the epidemic. They focus a small but capable staff on issues and needs that few other agencies are working on in order to maximize their impact and avoid duplication of efforts.  Project Inform is dedicated to its continued role as a convener of critical conversations among leading HIV/AIDS experts in an effort to help resolve key questions and issues in the epidemic. 

In 1987, the first AIDS Walk San Francisco was created and produced by Craig R. Miller and his organization of activists, MZA Events. Designed to raise urgently needed funds for San Francisco AIDS Foundation, and to battle the stigma that so many associated with HIV/AIDS, the first AIDS Walk raised $667,000 with the help of more than 6,000 compassionate Bay Area residents.

Over the past 28 years, AIDS Walk San Francisco has inspired thousands of people to walk, millions more to donate, and has raised nearly $82 million to fight HIV/AIDS. The funds raised at the event enable Project Inform and many other HIV/AIDS service organizations throughout the Bay Area, to provide prevention, care, and advocacy programs for thousands of men, women, and children living with HIV/AIDS.