Meet the AIDS Walk San Francisco Staff

Meet the AIDS Walk San Francisco Staff

If you are interested in walking, volunteering, fundraising, or donating a product or service please reach out to one of our good looking staff members. We are a passionate and energetic group that is happy to help and we are just a phone call or email away! Give us a call at 415.615.9255 (WALK)

Demetri Rizos
Event Director

Jef Friedel
Supervisor of Office Management

Sarah Murray
Supervisor of Teams & Targeted Fundraising

Lauren Booras
Supervisor of Event Operations

Charlie McCone
Star Walker Coordinator and Fundraising Specialist

Angela Grills
Volunteer Coordinator

Amanda Haney
Production Coordinator

Precious Bradley
Office & Promotions Coordinator

Joseph Brunicardi
Event Operations Specialist

Maxwell Cameron
Teams & Targeted Fundraising Specialist

Dorothy Ko
Teams & Targeted Fundraising Specialist

Aaron Rodriguez
Teams & Targeted Fundraising Specialist