Fundraising Tips

Tips for Fundraising on Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs

Post on Facebook and Twitter from Your Fundraising HQ 

Promoting your participation in the AIDS Walk just got easier!  Now you can link your AIDS Walk personal fundraising web page using a Facebook status update or a Twitter tweet.  It’s quick, easy, and effective! Get your online network of friends to join your efforts by encouraging them to register for the AIDS Walk and to update their status with these 3 steps.

Step 1: Log in to your Fundraising HQ
Step 2: Click the “Email” tab at the top
Step 3: Select “Facebook” or “Twitter” from the toolbar and simply follow the prompt 

Below are some great ways you can use these social networking websites to boost your AIDS Walk fundraising! Also, be sure to “like” AIDS Walk San Francisco on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Use your status update to inspire and fundraise

Inspire your friends to sponsor you by posting HIV/AIDS facts on Twitter or Facebook. Click here for more information about HIV/AIDS. Be sure to include a link to your personal fundraising web page in each status update. Learn how to update your Facebook and Twitter status from your Fundraising HQ.

Use our logo

Make your profile picture the AIDS Walk logo.

Give thanks & get sponsors at the same time

When somebody sponsors you, thank them publicly by writing on their Facebook wall and by updating your status with the same message of thanks. This not only lets that donor know how grateful you are for their kind donation, but also inspires others to donate!

Advertise your events

Use the “Events” application on Facebook to create an invitation for your next AIDS Walk San Francisco fundraiser. Send it out to all of your friends, and make sure you make it an open event so it appears in searches and so guests can send it to their friends.

Blog your way to fundraising success

You can use popular blogging websites like and or your Facebook page (on Facebook, you can blog through your “Notes” application). On your blog or in your Facebook note, you can keep an online journal of your fundraising, announce fundraising events, and include web banner links to advertise your involvement! Blogs are great for teams and individual fundraisers!

On a Team? Create a Team Fan Page

Fan Page offers an engaging forum for recruiting Team Members, raising funds, tracking team progress, and inspiring people to support your team! You can upload photos, post links to have others join or sponsor your team, and publicize team challenges and events.


On Twitter, become a follower of AIDS Walk San Francisco and other HIV/AIDS programs and services. Then you can retweet the messages you read with an additional message of your own asking your followers to donate to your fundraising web page. To retweet, simply scroll over the selected update and a “Retweet” button will appear in the lower right-hand corner of the highlighted message. This not only brings awareness to HIV/AIDS issues, but also shows your donors how important fundraising for the AIDS Walk is to you.

Fundraise “in person” on YouTube

Most computers now come equipped with a web cam, or you might have access to a digital video camera. If so, record a personal message asking for support for your AIDS Walk San Francisco fundraising efforts and post it on YouTube, Facebook, etc. You can even keep a video diary of your AIDS Walk experience, or thank people who sponsor you by video. 

Virtual Walker

Even if you won’t be able to make it to the AIDS Walk, you can still register as a "virtual" walker and earn Fundraising Incentive Awards. To participate as a virtual walker, simply register, collect online donations, and then, on the day of the event, show your support for the cause by wearing a red ribbon! You’ll walk with us in spirit!

Have a Facebook garage sale

Use the “Marketplace” application! Facebook recently came out with a new way to sell your stuff by “Selling for a Cause.” On the Marketplace Facebook homepage, click “Sell for a Cause,” then set the prices of your items. Click “Post” and then add the AIDS Walk Facebook cause. Then start selling! Advertise it and let everyone know the proceeds go to AIDS Walk San Francisco.