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Set up a Team Registration Table

What is tabling?

AIDS Walk Team Leaders and Team Members set up an actual table covered with information and eye-catching displays in order to recruit people for their AIDS Walk team.

Tabling is a great way to raise awareness of AIDS Walk San Francisco and your AIDS Walk team! If done right, tabling can be a great way to promote HIV/AIDS awareness, recruit Team Members and fundraise!

Tabling works best if you:

• Are not afraid to step out in front of the table or initiate passers-by in conversation. Be outgoing – some people might be too shy to approach you!
• Select a time and place where you will have a large crowd in a common area
• Go crazy with decorations – make sure your table is lively and informative
• Have a minimum of two people at the table
• Set a specific amount of time that you will be at the table, and divide that time into shifts
• Have high energy and enthusiasm about what you are doing
• Be efficient in your conversations, getting to the point quickly, yet thoroughly.
• Set a goal for recruitment and fundraising before you start. See if you can reach it!
• Brush up on your AIDS Walk Frequently Asked Questions the day before tabling so you can answer questions.

Where to set up a table

• In your office building lobby, lunchroom/cafeteria, or outside the entrance to the building.  Be there during high-traffic times, such as the morning when people are arriving to work/school or in the evening when they are leaving.
• In a centrally located area on your campus, such as the main hallway, a common study area, a school cafeteria or library, faculty lunchrooms, parking lots/garages, etc.
• In your local community, such as at a local shopping mall, downtown area, community fairs, and grocery stores.
• At conferences, staff meetings, your annual volunteer fair, and other events with large populations. Student activity nights, rallies or even school sporting events will provide you with a large audience as well.
• Mix it up once in a while. Be sure to set up your table in different spots to catch different groups of people. Some students might never visit the library - so catch them in the cafeteria next time!  Some people never leave the office for lunch, so catch them in the morning as they come in!

Checklist – What to have at the table:

• The table - This is very important! To table, you need a table! Be sure to be aware of the size of your table and the area around it. Is there a wall space behind the table to hang an AIDS Walk banner?

• Banners - Whether paper or cloth; make them big, bold and colorful! Aim for simple clear messages that are positive and easily read from a distance.  Or, ask your Team Coordinator if you could borrow a “Register today! AIDS Walk San Francisco” banner to use at your table.

• AIDS Walk promotional materials – Contact your Team Coordinator to request AIDS Walk posters, display stands, and registration cards. Also, go to our Tools to Download page to print out Sponsor Forms, “Sponsor me” posters, flyers with HIV/AIDS statistics, and much more!

• Registration Clipboards – Have clipboards full of our Team Fax Registration Forms to register people onto your team. Be sure to write your team number in the designated place on each page, and then make photocopies.

• Candy - Offer some goodies to lure in potential team recruits; candy or fresh baked cookies work great! The way to someone’s feet is through their stomach!

• Supplies - Pens, tape, thick markers, extra paper. Be prepared!

• General information/campaign information - Have general information available about AIDS Walk San Francisco and AIDS Walk’s benefiting organizations.

You can also print out “Join Our Team” flyers (coming soon) with HIV/AIDS Statistics printed on them to display at your table or hand out to people.

• Donation Can - You'd be surprised how quickly spare change can add up! Create an AIDS Walk donation can to set out on your table. You can print out the wrapper from the AIDS Walk website.

• Tabling Skills - Ensure that your volunteers feel comfortable answering questions about AIDS Walk San Francisco and your team. Pair up newer members with older members or hold a special meeting to go over the basics of tabling. You can also ask your AIDS Walk Team Coordinator to come help while you’re tabling!

• Radio or Internet Hook-up - If you have the equipment and access, set up a computer with the AIDS Walk San Francisco website so people can register online. Play background music to lure people to your table!

What to do after you table:

• Fax in the completed Team Fax Registration Forms to the AIDS Walk office at 415.615.0398 to ensure that each Team Member receives their Walker Kit in the mail and/or their username and password for fundraising as soon as possible.
• Return any banners you may have borrowed from the AIDS Walk office.
• If you have any questions, contact your Team Coordinator at 415.615.9255.

Good luck!